We invite you to awaken the energy of the Goddess in you.

We invite you to invoke her from within.

We invite you to bask in her glow.

Join us for an exquisite journey inward and discover the essence of the Goddess in you.


Ancient temples in India were built with the understanding of the human physical and energetic bodies. Every human being has five sheaths that constitutes one individual. The innermost layer is the bliss body. The next sheath is one of spiritual understanding. Following that is the sheath of thinking and then the layer of breath. Finally, we have the food body. Temples are built using the same principle. The outer edge of the temple is bustling with activity – as in our senses and our physical bodies. As we reach the inner layers, there is great stillness and silence – just like our bliss bodies.


Our courses take the same design as the temple. For it is our vision to awaken the inner temple, for which great stillness and silence is required. We have carefully created a layering of initiations for you to gently awaken the Goddess within from the innermost sanctum of your being. That means, we have to traverse the other four sheaths with an openness, curiosity and potentiality.


In order to truly and powerfully bring her out, we require you to go through these offerings in a prescribed order. Each layer builds upon the other until you the reach the inner sanctum of the Temple, which is your essence.


She will heal you and reveal you.

She will love you tenderly and fiercely.

She will awaken freedom in you like never before.

She will bring you to tears of ecstasy.

Again and again.


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